love is not a garbage can 

word seeds: you sow what you say!

emotions vs.


I was quite pleased with the book. I honestly expected more of the same about Love. You took it to the streets then to the Sky, by His anointing of course. I immediately began examining my own misguided love and implementing change!

I commend you again for being bold in our age of science and its demand for concrete proofs for boldly going to the obvious (albeit invisible) source of truth.

​Author Patricia Anderson:  

  • Dispels common misconceptions about love• Exposes the mistake to attribute only feelings to love

  • Observes why we settle for conditional, transactional, and perception-based "love"

  • Explores the most significant barrier to love: fear

  • Teaches you how to successfully love God, yourself and others

i love you..

But only from afar

in the name of love

I began reading your book yesterday, and could not put it the entire book...I especially enjoyed the Love Notes portion...I will give this book for a Christmas gift...awesome job my friend. your book yesterday, and couldn’t put it down..the Love Notes at the end of each chapter forced me to stop and think about how I was loving...I was disappointed when the book was finished, I wanted more! Please, Please, Please, write another one! You have truly given us
a gift, and I will share it with others!”

love in action


god is love


the owner's manual on love

parents, teach your children love

Love is a Verb, by Patricia Anderson, tells us with wisdom and love how to give all of our hurts, pains, suffering, and injustices to God. Love changes things! 

A quick read that will empower and inspire!

I love this charming and easy to read book.

Take a few hours and you will receive teaching that helps you to acknowledge your past mistakes in love but more importantly opens your eyes to accept and appreciate the invested nature of love that is within each of us, there to empower and change us. Great read, get this one.

​are talking

and here's what they are saying

​Love is a Verb!


the final frontier 

Take a journey of self-discovery through this poignant, self-help and motivational book! 

Love is a Verbasks: 

Are you satisfied with yourcurrent relationships? 

Are you looking for love, and don't understand it? 

Would you like to maximize love's power in your relationships? 

Maybe you need healing from apast relationship, 
or are uncertain about acurrent relationship. ​

forgive or forget it!

what love is not

Stop to Love!

New Album and Video: Time and Love and I


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successful loving

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Give Love Today!

I was on a flight to Miami reading Love is a Verb! (for the third time.) There was a young lady sitting next to me, who asked me about the book after waking from a lengthy nap. When I told her about it she became very interested, so…I gave her my copy. She was so amazed and grateful (and I was so moved to see how such a simple act can change someone and yourself.) I am ordering myself another copy, and at least 10 copies to give to others. 
Love is (indeed) a Verb! Thanks!