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Love is a Verb! Give it, Live it.

Love is a Verb!



Patricia Anderson has been writing about love for over twenty-five years, and doing public speaking for over 10 years. She has also appeared in several commercials, television interviews and films. In 1998, she founded Love in Action! whose purpose is to teach and demonstrate love’s power to the world. The organization achieves its objectives through speaking engagements, radio and television broadcasts, and Operation Sower/Reaper; a program that utilizes a database management system to match sowers (those with seeds) with reapers (those with needs). 

Patricia also produced and hosted a weekly television broadcast: Love in Action! The show’s purpose was three-fold—to equip the body, transform the mind, and quicken the spirit through the power of love. 

Ms. Anderson holds a BS degree in Computer Science, and an MBA degree in Information Systems and International Business, and is the president of Anderson Business Consulting Services. She also teaches graduate and undergraduate courses.



Southern Crescent Emerging Writers Showcase:

Patricia Anderson’s book, “Love is a Verb!” is an extension of her life’s work as an author and motivational speaker 
of Love in Action!—an outreach ministry. Her work appears in print and on television and radio. She poses the question, “What do hurricanes, tsunamis and terrorists all have in common? You may think, ‘Their power to destroy,’ yet, really it’s their power to draw out love, and rouse the human spirit to compassion—love in action. Countless acts of human kindness are displayed during tragedies when everyone ‘stops to love.’” 
In this practical guide to love, Anderson explores love’s various facets,actions, forgiveness, fear, and emotions. Questions for the reader at the end of each chapter are designed to make you think.