Love is a Verb!

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Ms. Anderson uses proven relationship builders, personal experience and humor to masterfully deliver techniques that will inspire and motivate your audience.  

Patricia focuses on love being the nucleus of who we are rather than it simply occupying the periphery of our being. She explores why the addition and multiplication properties of “real” love are to be desired over the subtraction and divisional properties of transactional, conditional, and perception-based love. Love is the most powerful, yet most underutilized gift we’ve been given, and Ms. Anderson's motivational techniques show you how to maximize love’s power in your relationships to achieve unlimited success in your personal and professional goals.  Ms. Anderson's relationship building motivation is primarily geared towards women, singles, and teen-aged girls.  She also speaks to engaged as well as married couples.

New Album and Video: Time and Love and I

Some topics include:


  • Transformational Leadership (various topics)
  • Operate in Your I Am-ness
  • Upgrade for the Download! 
  • Stop Stooping, while God is Scooping! 
  • Love is a Verb! 
  • Word Seeds: You Sow What you Say!
  • My Mind Works for Me Not Against Me!
  • Would You Marry You?

Ms. Anderson will customize topics to meet your audience's needs and interests.  

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